Rapid Railroad RENEWAL CRANE
Bridge and track construction

Bridge Girders

Rcrane can set any bridge girders weighing less than 80 tons and up to 56' long and up to 13' wide.  Rcrane has extensive experience with the design and supply of our BTI BRIDGE GIRDERS which are constructed with post-tensioned concrete.  Post-tensioned concrete is superior to structural steel in the following ways:

  • Less expensive
  • More durable
  • Longer life-cycle
  • Does not fatigue
  • Aesthetically pleasing

  • Rcrane has developed and supplied the proprietary BTI BRIDGE GIRDERS for the construction of Rail Bridges throughout the United States, including record spans of 125 feet over the Platte River near Columbus, Nebraska.  BTI BRIDGE GIRDERS are the most durable and economical for spans over 40 feet.

    Please see project photo section for additional BTI girder projects.

    What is your Rail Time worth?

    Rcrane and BTI BRIDGE GIRDERS are a collaboration of sophisticated design, engineering, and safety; with innovative emphasis on an absolute minimum of rail traffic interruptions.  No longer will railroads have to sacrifice operational effectiveness in order to replace an enormous inventory of decaying bridges.

    By all measures, Rcrane and BTI BRIDGE GIRDERS will have a substantial positive impact on all of your operation and maintenance goals.  The patented capabilities of Rcrane make it possible to substantially reduce down time due to maintenance operation while increasing safety.  The ability to erect long bridge spans, and transport all bridge materials, will dramatically reduce the interruptions to rail traffic.

    Longer spanning capability and reduced track time windows for maintenance will translate into increases in average train speeds, on-time performance, market share, pricing, and most importantly increases in safety.  The increases in safety are two-fold; fewer trips to transport material means fewer opportunities for accidents, and the inherent nature of the support system for Rcrane is substantially safer, and more fool proof than current cranes.

    Key Benefits

    • Replace two of your standard spans in the same time you presently replace one span.
    • Replace spans up to 56' long. 13' wide, weighing up to 80 tons with one machine
    • Travels at full speed at a closed width of 10' for all replacement procedures
    • Replace spans up to 54' long without removing the track
    • Bring all new superstructure components out to the site in one trip for that days activities
    • Bring back all old components removed during that same day
    • Never drive temporary girder support piles again
    • Never make special trips to deliver new materials or remove old materials
    • SIMPLIFY all change out planning
    • Replace damaged spans more quickly and with greater ease
    • Radio remote control both overhead cranes and truss expansion
    • Transport at unrestricted speeds
    • Longer spans mean fewer girders to transport and erect, as well as fewer piers to transport and construct.
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