Rapid Railroad RENEWAL CRANE
Bridge and track construction

Design/Build Services with Longer Spans and Panels

Rcrane Services are capable of handling much longer and heavier bridge and track components than locomotive cranes.  Therefore, to help you take advantage of those greater capabilities, Rcrane offers Turnkey Design / Build Services to maximize reductions in track downtime and total cost.  All of our completed projects included some aspects of design-supply-installation.

On one of those completed projects, we provided three spans 63' long, along with the full design and construction of the entire bridge for CSX near Elberton, GA.  On-site construction was achieved in 44 days.  The total track interruption totaled three days at eight hours per day.  The entire replacement of the existing timber bridge was achieved without slow orders.  We saved our client millions of dollars in operating expenses with our high production replacement methods.

Conventional methods would have required a nine month project duration, a track interruption of four hours per day, four days a week, and a slow order of 10 m.p.h. for the full nine months.

This bridge crosses the Big Dove Creek on the CSX near Elberton, GA

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