Rapid Railroad RENEWAL CRANE
Bridge and track construction

This is Rcrane

First and foremost, there is simply is no safer way to ship and erect bridge and track materials. Rcrane has the pure physical advantage of four corners of straddle supported dual overhead hoists requiring minimal ground support from your time-proven track. Rcrane also has the truss supported worker/operator platforms and horizontal lifelines to give your workers full-time fall protection and access to the entire work area for extreme efficiency and convenience. Safety is not just a buzzword for Rcrane. Safety is the essence and basis of Rcrane. Safe renewal operations will insure minimal work windows and shorter project durations to keep your track open for full speed rail traffic. We know safety is always your goal, and Rcrane will deliver that safety.

Secondly, together we can develop a plan that will efficiently and economically meet your needs. In order to prepare to meet your needs, we would greatly appreciate the opportunity to meet with you, learn the TS & L of the bridges and track you have in mind, and visit those sites. In order to assure you of Rcrane abilities to perform, we have spent the last year testing, demonstrating and fine-tuning Rcrane, Rmules, and Rflats on our Test Track Bridge and have proven Rcrane on numerous freight and passenger railroad bridges.

To see an in person demonstration of Rcrane in action, please contact Paul Markelz at 630-258-1240.

Rcrane Drawings - click image to see enlarged version

Maximum Reaction Loads on Track Safety Factor
RCrane Clearance Diagram

Rcrane Train Layout

Rcrane Rapid Renewal Train is deployed as 10 rail cars with Rcrane as the center component of a portable 890 ft work platform/material staging and delivery system. Rmules transfer materials overRflats into and out of Rcrane Work Area.

Rmules traverse across Rflats to move materials, girders, track panels, etc. to and from the A and B decks of the Rcrane during the demolition and replacement processes.

The work platform is equipped with welder, torch and bottles, 110 volt electric outlets, and has all safety appliances, lifelines, platforms, walkway and ladders to provide a safe, steady and stable self-contained work platform.

The Rcrane C deck provides additional load capacity and supports the spare hoist, tool/spare parts container and the 80 kilowatt 480 Volt Three-Phase generator that powers Rcrane, the Rmules, welder, etc.

Your Workers Deserve the Safest Platform

What is your Rail Time worth?

Rcrane and BTI BRIDGE GIRDERS are a collaboration of sophisticated design, engineering, and safety; with innovative emphasis on an absolute minimum of rail traffic interruptions.  No longer will railroads have to sacrifice operational effectiveness in order to replace an enormous inventory of decaying bridges.

By all measures, Rcrane and BTI BRIDGE GIRDERS will have a substantial positive impact on all of your operation and maintenance goals.  The patented capabilities of Rcrane make it possible to substantially reduce down time due to maintenance operation while increasing safety.  The ability to erect long bridge spans, and transport all bridge materials, will dramatically reduce the interruptions to rail traffic.

Longer spanning capability and reduced track time windows for maintenance will translate into increases in average train speeds, on-time performance, market share, pricing, and most importantly increases in safety.  The increases in safety are two-fold; fewer trips to transport material means fewer opportunities for accidents, and the inherent nature of the support system for Rcrane is substantially safer, and more fool proof than current cranes.

Key Benefits

  • Replace two of your standard spans in the same time you presently replace one span.
  • Replace spans up to 56' long. 13' wide, weighing up to 80 tons with one machine
  • Travels at full speed at a closed width of 10' for all replacement procedures
  • Replace spans up to 54' long without removing the track
  • Bring all new superstructure components out to the site in one trip for that days activities
  • Bring back all old components removed during that same day
  • Never drive temporary girder support piles again
  • Never make special trips to deliver new materials or remove old materials
  • SIMPLIFY all change out planning
  • Replace damaged spans more quickly and with greater ease
  • Radio remote control both overhead cranes and truss expansion
  • Transport at unrestricted speeds
  • Longer spans mean fewer girders to transport and erect, as well as fewer piers to transport and construct.

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