Rapid Railroad RENEWAL CRANE
Bridge and track construction


Recently, Mike Niebur, the AREMA Committee 27 Work Equipment, Sub-committee Chairman for Training for the past 10 years joined us for an Rcrane Demonstration, and reviewed Rcrane videos and website.

"During my 42 years in the Railroad Maintenance of Way Industry, I have worked with and developed safety training for everything from steam powered pile drivers to modern day cranes and equipment. The Rcrane process of removing and replacing different types of bridge and track panels is one of the best improvements I have seen in the rail industry. The safety factor is much higher and material distribution problems have been put to a minimum, especially at the hard to get to bridges and high train traffic areas. On most projects track occupancy time is cut in half as on site material staging is moved to sidings or terminals instead of the mainline."

-Michael Niebur, President NIEBUR & SONS INC.

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