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Bridge and track construction

BTI Roll Span Movable Bridges - Patented

Bridges built over water do not need to contend with trucks or automobiles.  They do, however, sometimes have to contend with boats trying to get past the bridge.  Many movable bridge types, such as bascule, lift, and swing drawbridges, have one or more moving parts, so that boats and ships may pass.  The BTI Roll Span Movable Bridge accomplishes the same thing as bascule, lift bridges, etc., but it does so much more cheaply and efficiently than any other design.  With our design, one section of the bridge rolls to one side, and another section rolls back in the area vacated by the first section, allowing ships to pass.  Our design incorporates the most desirable features of conventional (bascule, vertical lift, swing) movable bridges, and eliminates the least desirable features.  We have been granted a U.S. Patent on the Roll Span Movable Bridge.

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