Rapid Railroad RENEWAL CRANE
Bridge and track construction


Rcrane can help Scale Up Railroad Operating Results with 1-Trip Precision Production utilizing mega bridge and track panels.

Working with three Class 1 Railroads and Amtrak on 42 separate mega panel work blocks, Rcrane has flawlessly proven precision production for replacing Bridge Girders, Track Panels, Bridge-Tie Panels, and Bridge-Ties; all very safely in less than 50% the track occupancy time of other available methods and machinery.

Additional capabilities include Approach Slabs, Switch Panels, Crossing & Diamond Panels, Track & Switch Ties, Culverts, New Tracks and building bridge foundations with R dual pile drivers.

A dedicated Fleet of Rcrane Units deployed on a regional basis, can be loaded for the most critical renewal locations to exchange bridge and track mega panels as needed. Rcrane is ready to provide the Rcrane Fleet on a long-term multi-unit lease, including technicians and engineering support.

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to fully understand your specific railroad bridge and track construction or replacement needs and goals in order to design and supply the most durable and economical bridge, track, and railroad crossing improvements.
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